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Amadeus (Milos Forman)

'Amadeus' live in Concert

Screening of the film with live music by Brussels Philharmonic & Vlaams Radiokoor

Experience the multi-Academy Award® winning 1984 motion picture Amadeus on a vast HD screen, while Mozart’s most celebrated works are performed live in-sync by a full orchestra and choir.

Winner of 8 Academy Awards® in 1984, Amadeus tells the story of Vienna court composer, Antonio Salieri and the envy that consumes him upon discovering that the divine musical gifts he has so longed for all his life, have been bestowed on a bawdy, vulgar and impish young composer, Mozart. Salieri’s envy fuels his plot to destroy the man, while all the while unable to tear himself away from the genius of his music.

Amadeus is a screens triumph; a sumptuous period epic, a soaring celebration of the music of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

Flagey, Brussels Philharmonic, Vlaams Radiokoor

“Amadeus weaves a beautiful, tragic fable, enchanting to children and adults alike. It has gore, a pact with God, celebrity, a masked stranger, murder and some of the best music ever written. What other film offers half as much?” (The Guardian)