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Flagey, architect Joseph Diongre / Johan Jacobs

Discover Brussels: Flagey, the packet-boat

Visit Flagey and get a glimpse behind the scenes of one of Belgium's most important cultural houses. The iconic packet boat-style building, designed by Joseph Diongre, opened its doors in 1938 and was the pre-eminent audiovisual center for thirty years. The parcel boat quickly gained world fame because of the intrinsic qualities of the studios and was able to attract the most prestigious musicians for concerts and recordings. The city walk ends at 6 pm.

The tour ends at 6pm. After the tour, you can attend the concert 'Ceremony of Carols' with Vlaams Radio Koor at Flagey at 8.15pm. There's also a combiticket for both the tour and the concert. Discover it here!

Flagey, Muntpunt, Vlaams Radio Koor

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