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Hotel Van Eetvelde

Discover Brussels: Hotel Van Eetvelde

As Secretary General of the Congo, Edmond Van Eetvelde wanted a luxurious house. As a progressive liberal, he had it built by Victor Horta in 1895. The opulent interior bathes in a sea of light. The exotic woods and materials used are in line with the client’s professional activities. The layout of the local landscape park is reflected in the open plan design of the house. The building, which is located in the north-eastern district of Brussels, is Horta’s most daring and innovative project.

The tour ends at 6pm. After the tour, you can attend the concert 'Happy 2020!' with Brussels Philharmonic at Flagey. There's also a combiticket for both the tour and the concert. Discover it here!

Flagey, Muntpunt, Brussels Philharmonic

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