House Delune
House Delune / Marie-Françoise Plissart

Discover Brussels: Blérot

Discover the twin houses built by Ernest Blérot near the Ixelles ponds in 1904. At first glance they look very similar and yet they are very different. It is said that Blérot built these houses for his daughters.

The most striking features of the Art Nouveau façade are the beautiful wooden window frames, the ironwork and the stone frames around the door and windows. They remain typical Brussels apartments with three consecutive rooms. Staff could reach the kitchen and the laundry room through the service entrance. The window of the kitchen has been replaced by a garage door which was an incredible novelty for that time.

The tour ends at 6pm. After the tour, you can attend the concert 'Happy 2020!' with Brussels Philharmonic at Flagey. There's also a combiticket for both the tour and the concert. Discover it here!

Flagey, Muntpunt, Brussels Philharmonic