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Marona / ©Le Parc Distribution


Anca Damian | Junior 8+

Marona, the little mixed-breed stray has already had a few homes in her lifetime. After an accident, she looks back over the adventures and happy times shared with her different owners, the acrobat Manole, the engineer Istvan and little Solange and her family. These memories show how much her unconditional love was able to lighten up the lives of those she met.

A modern-day fairytale about the big and little things in life, served by a dazzling visual universe of colours and superb graphics Brecht Evens designed the characters, while visual artists Gina Thorstensen and Sarah Mazzetti looked after the gleaming backgrounds.

This is Anca Damian's fourth feature after Crossing Dates, Crulic - the Path to Beyond and The Magic Mountain.

Flagey, Folioscope