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Anima Festival 2020
Anima Festival 2020

Anima Festival 2020

Ten days devoted to animation films

The Brussels Animation Festival is all about animated films! Ten days of activities for children (and adults) during the school holidays, with 300 films, animation workshops for kids, face painting by our make up artist, an interactive exhibition, concerts, conferences for professionals, playful installations and delicious pancakes for everyone!

5 screenings with the MINIPASS (28€): This card is not personal: it can be used alone or with others, by adults and by children. Only available in Brussels ( in Flagey and for the screenings « Anima » in the Cinema Palace). It cannot be used for the Animated Night, the Masterclass and the VR Festival. Make up your MINIPASS online by choosing 5 sessions (or a multiple of 5), click on the 'minipass' rate and pay immediately on our website. Also valid in our ticket office.

All the screenings with the PASSPORT (70€): Personal and valid for all screenings, along with conferences and the Animated Night, not valid for the Masterclass.