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Brussels Short Film Festival / Juliette Bruynseels

Biarritz Festival (Latino)

Brussels Short Film Festival

We offer a ‘carte blanche’ to the Latin American Movie Festival of Biarritz. A unique chance to get a sense of Latin American shorts they selected last year and a good way to celebrate two cities which have teamed up since 1959: Ixelles and Biarritz.

Flagey, Brussels Short Film Festival

O misterio da carne (Rafaela Camelo)
Brazil - Fiction - 2018 - 18' - Color
Since 2016, Pope Fracis allows women to take part in the washing of the feet ceremony. The girls of St. Peter Church are preparing something special for the ritual. Camila just hopes to find Giovana.

Héctor (Victoria Giesen Carvajal)
Chili - Fiction - 2019 - 19' - Color
A fishing cove on an island fallen out of time and space. Here is where Gabriel works with a small group of young men. Out of nowhere, an androgynous creature appears called Héctor. Gabriel instantly falls in love. The birth of a love that Gabriel tries to decipher. But the enigmatic girl disappears.

Hogar (Gerardo Minutti)
Uruguay - Fiction - 2019 - 12' - Color
Mirta and Jorge are in a modern kitchen, clean and barely use. They eat, drink beer and relaxed. While Jorge gives Mirta massages, they’re surprised by Elvira, the neighbor. The atmosphere between them becomes tense and uncomfortable, the home is no longer the same.

Fuego Olimpico (Ricardo Soto)
Mexico - Fiction - 2019 - 11' - Color
It is October 12, 1968, the inauguration of the “XIX Olympic Games” in Mexico. An olympic athlete makes history by being the first woman to light the “Fire of Peace”. Time is running backwards, the athlete is now a student carrying the torch, she relives the “Fire of the innocent student deaths” on the hands of the Mexican government at the Tlatelolco ́s massacre in Mexico City.”

Aicha (Vinko Tomicic)
Argentina, Bolivia, Chile - Fiction - 2018 - 10'25'' - Color
In a very dark night at La Paz, Martin celebrates his fourteenth birthday with his shoeshine friends, who encourages him to flirt Sandra, a young female dancer who works at a nightclub. Between superstitions and a land that comes to life, their bodies will only be flesh under a few light flashes.

La Cigarra (Martín Piroyansky)
Argentina - Fiction - 2018 - 19' - Color
Two old friends are going to the Argentine coast for the weekend and they fight on the road. They reconcile after a nocturnal trip, finding the youth that laid dormant in them.