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Brussels Short Film Festival / Juliette Bruynseels

Next Generation 2

Brussels Short Film Festival

Out of 843 films submissions, 41 films will compete for the prizes in the Next Generation Competition.

Flagey, Brussels Short Film Festival

Mother’s (Hippolyte Leibovici)
Belgium - Documentary - 2019 - 22' - Color
The documentary portrays a family of Brussels Drag Queens over four generations during an evening in the dressing room. As the male traits are feminised under layers of make-up and alcohol, hearts open up. Difficult subjects are broached (suicide, coming out or maternal love, for example), jokes are made and generational shock is inevitably part of the discussion.

Nesting (Alex Verhaest)
Belgium - Fiction - 2019 - 27' - Color
A pregnant woman ignores her sister’s pleading phone calls to visit their dying mother. She drinks and smokes heavily while she hides in a dodgy hotel. When the hotel staff seems to mirror the trauma she fled from, she decides it’s time to deal with the fact that she cannot cope with her past.

Echappée Belle (Camille Gainnet)
Belgium - Fiction - 2019 - 5'37'' - Color
A couple in their thirties is negotiating the resale of one of their properties that they regret having acquired.

Connected (Bram Van Landschoot)
Belgium - Fiction - 10'46'' - Color
Tinder is about to become extinct, and that’s why there’s a new datingsite on the market, VR-dating. Make your own avatar, put your vr-glasses on and start dating. Just being you, but still rather observe it all from a distance. Or trying to hide your insecurities by imitating someone elses avatar. The choice is all yours. Although, the question still remains: What will happen if you meet your date in the flesh? Do you approach him/her? Or is the person you think you know, not really that person? Who is deceiving who?

La Dernière Séance (Alice Gadbled)
Belgium - Fiction - 2019 - 22'03'' - Color
Emilie and her two brothers just lost their father, Bob. Against all odds, his last wish is a religious funeral, which delights their aunt, Nicole. How can you say goodbye with codes that aren't your own? How do you share a grief? How do you share a dead person?