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Brussels Short Film Festival / Juliette Bruynseels

Next Generation 3

Brussels Short Film Festival

Out of 843 films submissions, 41 films will compete for the prizes in the Next Generation Competition.

Flagey, Brussels Short Film Festival

Désirée (Victoria Jadot)
Belgium - Fiction - 2019 - 18'42'' - Color
Désirée, a young teenager, is going out for the first time with her friend Alexia and her group that she doesn’t know . A bit shy, full of hope for tonight, she expects a lot.

Meander (Dayo Clinckspoor)
Belgium - Fiction - 2019 - 19'34'' - Color

Tête de linotte ! (Gaspar Chabaud)
Belgium - Animation - 2019 - 5'43'' - Color
A child struggling with a math problem and his own problems of attention, helped by a mother losing slowly but surely her patience.

(Mian / Visages) Paul Vincent de Lestrade
Belgium - Documentary - 2019 - 19'32'' - Color
In a society in which physical beauty is an essential criteria of success, even our flesh is expected to perform in order to present to the world an image of perfection. Our bodies are under pressure to reshape and adapt themselves to the longings of the onlookers… But by doing so, do we really silence our anxiety ?

Dutchgaria (Capucine Muller)
Belgium - Animation - 2019 - 12'24'' - Color