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Philip Catherine, Lionel Loueke & Angelo Moustapha / Johan Jacobs

Catherine - Loueke - Moustapha

As usual, the Brussels Jazz Festival promises lots of surprises and unique projects. Unique in every way is this trio consisting of our own Belgian guitar legend Philip Catherine, the percussion phenomenon and 'Flageys Jonge Wolf' Angelo Moustapha from Benin, and his fellow countryman and guitar virtuoso Lionel Loueke. They bring us a selection of their own compositions which will, thanks to the undeniable chemistry between these extraordinary musicians can only result in the purest jazz: enchanting and lyrical.


BX1 | Angelo Moustapha, batteur et percussionniste de jazz, était l’invité culture de Fabrice Grosfilley ce mercredi dans Toujours + d’Actu.

Brussels Jazz Festival 2021 | streaming edition
Brussels Jazz Festival 2021 | streaming edition