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Brussels Jazz Festival 2021 / Johan Jacobs

Brussels Jazz Festival 2021

streaming edition

The seventh edition of the Brussels Jazz Festival takes place in the form of a special streaming edition! Thanks to the excellent image and sound quality, an optimal experience is ensured and in the discussion forum you can meet up with friends and encourage your favourite artist.

As in previous seasons, the Brussels Jazz Festival puts both young talent and (inter)national established musicians from the contemporary jazz scene in the spotlight. During this online festival, enjoy the performances of four jazz groups and one DJ who will give the best of themselves to offer you a wonderful evening.

A single ticket for the whole evening: 4 bands + 1 DJ set!
TICKET Brussels Jazz Festival 'streaming edition' : € 10

Streaming will begin on Saturday 16.01 at 8 p.m. and concerts can be re-watched until Monday 18.01 at midnight.

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