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Flagey closed its doors to the public from December 24th 2021 to January 28th 2022. Find out more
Brussels Short Film Festival 2021

Short Comedy Club

The festival puts comedy in the spotlight with a compilation of short films from all over Europe! Welcome to the ‘Short Comedy Club’!


Première Séance | Jonathan Borgel
France - Fiction - 2015 - 10'21 - Color
Ivan has an appointment with a psychoanalyst for its first session...

Kvist | Det Sporadiske Filmkollektivet
Norway - Fiction - 2018 - 3' - Color
Nader is used to getting slapped in the face, but refuses to give up on love. The problem is, he is unaware of the punches he throws himself.

Giraffe | Janne Schmidt
Netherlands - Fiction - 2016 - 6' - Color
Staff at a high class zoophilia phone sex company face their greatest challenge yet as suddenly demand soars for a certain long-necked animal.

Bermuda | Erik Warolin
Sweden - Fiction - 2018 - 8' - Color
When Jonna is told by her boss to be more friendly with the diners customers she could never believe what that would result in. What at first seems like a polite conversation with the only guest quickly escalate to an unexpected turn of events.

La foire agricole | Vincent Patar, Stéphane Aubier
Belgium - Animation - 2019 - 26' - Color
Through hard work and selflessness, Indian and Cowboy passed their school exams brilliantly. As a reward, Cheval bought them VIP tickets for the Great Agricultural Fair.

No I don’t want to dance | Andrea Vinciguerra
United Kingdom - Animation - 2019 - 02'39'' - Color
Blindly following other people’s “movements” may lead to catastrophic consequences. This short film aims to raise awareness of how deadly dangerous dance can be.

Punchline | Christophe M. Saber
Switzerland - Fiction - 2017 - 8' - Color
Two gangster apprentices fail to choose the best line before executing Michel.

Hou Vast (Hang On) | Bart Schrijver
Netherlands - Fiction - 2020 - 6' - Color
Window cleaner Dennis falls from the 40th floor of a high rise. He is in luck: He gets stuck outside the 33th floor, hanging helplessly outside the window of Debbie, who is getting ready for a date. Because of the soundproof glass the conversation is awkward and difficult. The clumsy situations build and build in this bizarre comedy, filled with miscommunication.

Pieniä Kömpelöitä Hellyydenosoituksia | Miia Tervo
Finland - Fiction - 2015 - 8'56'' - Color
A divorced father, a heavy-metal fan as surly as he is clumsy, comes to pick up his daughter for the weekend. Wanting to show her that he cares about her, he goes on awkwardly, until a banal race at the local supermarket which will turn into a huge surprise.

Happy End | Jan Saska
Czech Republic - Animation - 2015 - 6' - BW
A black comedy about death with a happy ending.

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