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Grazuole (Arunas Zebriunas)

The Beautiful Girl

Grazuole | Arunas Zebriunas

Children in the neighbourhood often play a game. They form a circle in the centre of which one of them dances while the others pay compliments. Inga tends to be lavished with compliments. For this reason, she is known as “the beauty”. Then one day a boy, new to the neighbourhood, tells her that he doesn’t like her freckles and that she is ugly. Grazuole is one of those rare and little-known masterpieces that wins you over the moment you see it: the deftness and range of the shots, the visual beauty, the exquisite score... it is a simple fable, with near-miraculous performances.

Flagey, Cinematek

LA BELLE d'Arūnas Žebriūnas - Bande Annonce (2018)