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Grazuole (Arunas Zebriunas)

Arunas Zebriunas

Arunas Zebriunas was a Lithuanian filmmaker whose name was still unknown in the West only a few years ago, although the most fertile period of his career began 60 years ago. In 2018, a genuine and thoroughly deserved interest in his films, most of which deal with childhood, accompanied his discovery here in Belgium. But it was only recently that critics became aware of his greatness with the release of the three films included in our programme. Short, with original screenplays that are far removed from the conventions of East European film schools, and subtly anti-establishment, they are some of the finest achievements of a little-known filmmaking tradition that is now gaining considerable recognition beyond the former Iron Curtain. A breath of fresh air, to be discovered with relish.

In collaboration with CINEMATEK