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Paskutine atostogu diena (Arunas Zebriunas)

The girl and the echo

Paskutine atostogu diena | Arunas Zebriunas

It’s the last day of the summer holidays. A young girl on holiday at her grandfather’s makes friends with a local boy and takes him along in her dreams of freedom, amidst the taunts and jibes of the local ruffians. A hymn to creative childhood. Barely an hour long, but brimming with charm, with vibrant camerawork and poetry that is free of mawkishness. It was awarded a Special Jury Prize at Locarno after its late release in the West (the film was shot in 1964). Shot in Russian on the beaches of Crimea, it was dubbed into Lithuanian.

Flagey, Cinematek

La jeune fille à l'écho, Arūnas Žebriūnas