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Brussels Philharmonic & Kazushi Ono / Wouter Van Vaerenbergh

Miller – Bartók

Brussels Philharmonic, Vlaams Radiokoor

The concert starts on a humorous note with Janáček's Ríkadla, a collection of nursery rhymes about, amongst other things, the marriage of a beetroot and a woman who falls in the soup. Béla Bartók’s The Miraculous Mandarin, a magical realistic pantomime full of eroticism and violence, goes well with this series of absurd tales. The Brussels Philharmonic Orchestra and the Vlaams Radiokoor combine these two imaginative works with an exclusive world premiere: The Concerto for Viola written by Cassandra Miller, one of today’s most fascinating composers.

Flagey, Brussels Philharmonic, Klarafestival, Vlaams Radiokoor