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Klarafestival 2023

become music

“There is something about people sharing a space, searching for a sound world we could find on our own, which gives music its power, which gives musicians the desire, and more honestly, the need to make music. And the power reverberates with everyone in the music room: both those playing and those who are listening.” Barbara Hannigan, festival artist 2023

Inspired by festival artist Barbara Hannigan, Klarafestival 2023 is celebrating music as a magical and fragile ‘equilibrium’. Together you enter an auditorium to form a musical community for the space of an evening. You share highs and lows, sublime musical moments or modest, rare surprises. The many, often unexpected interactions between conductor and orchestra, between musicians and audience, create a social and musical cocktail that it is impossible to reproduce. One of which everyone present that evening is a part – whether you are watching from on the stage, in the hall or behind the scenes. Together we ‘make’, or rather ‘become’ music.