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Tango 02

Tango 02

The Brussels band Tango 02 was founded in 1996 and has since built up a solid repertoire of traditional and contemporary tango music. Throughout those 25 years, Tango 02 has supplemented this with its own new dance and concert compositions that encompass all the rhythms of the tango rio platense. Their first album, which will be performed live in concert for the first time on November 13, is the result of this. Completely in line with the character of tango music from the Rio de la Plata: urban popular dance music with often a touch of self-mockery. Why? Therefore! Or in Spanish: Por eso. Or also: just like that, because the inspiration and energy was there and Tango 02 enjoys sharing the music that arises from that.

Tango 02 builds its entire repertoire around the bisonoric Rhenish bandoneon, the type of instrument that has identified itself with tango music in Buenos Aires and Montevideo.
Let yourself be carried away by this new album and live tango dance by Cristina Cortés and Cristian Taffarello in an unforgettable total experience full of Argentine passion.