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Legend of Nomads

Legend of Nomads

Mongolian Grand Theatre of National Art

Within the framework of Mongolian cultural days in the European Union, the Mongolian Great Theatre of National Art offers for the first time in Belgium an exceptional performance entitled "The Legend of the Nomads", providing insight into Mongolian nomadic history and culture.

With a desire to illustrate the soul of nomadic culture, this unique performance subtly reveals the art of living in harmony with nature, the secular and unique way of life of Mongolian nomadism, as well as cultural traditions such as the festival of the three manly games of the "Naadam", aimed to celebrate the best warriors in three disciplines: wrestling, horse racing and archery.

Through different scenes, the spectator will be immersed in the world of the Mongolian nomad, where respect and worship of mother nature is closely linked to the existence and survival of man. And why Mongolian nomads strive to protect mother nature and encourage the rest of the world to endeavour to conserve, protect and cherish the environment and its natural resources.