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Liberski, Osby, Grenadier, Waits / Johan Jacobs / / Juan Hitters / Emra Islek

Liberski, Osby, Grenadier, Waits

Casimir Liberski, artist-in-residence of the Brussels Jazz Festival, is given carte blanche for three projects. For his first performance, the Brussels pianist and keyboard player surrounds himself with big names from the American jazz scene: Greg Osby, Larry Grenadier and Nasheet Waits. We are curious to hear the brand-new repertoire Liberski composed especially for this quartet.

"Greg Osby was an absolute must for me. I've been dreaming of working with him for years. I met him through my mentor Masabumi Kikuchi, when they recorded their duo album Beyond All. Osby is an innovator in Black American music and one of the great living masters of the alto saxophone. In the 1980s he co-created the M-Base collective, with a. o. Steve Coleman, one of the last movements that most revolutionised jazz, just as bebop did 40 years earlier. Osby's playing is absolutely sublime with its almost total freedom and breathtaking technical control. He left his mark on a whole generation of musicians. 

Larry Grenadier will be playing bass. I played with him and my other mentor, Ornette Coleman, in Coleman's loft in New York. I've been with Larry for many years. We often bump into each other in the dressing rooms after Brad Mehldau concerts, with whom I've been friends since I was a teenager.

Nasheet Waits was one of the first drummers I played with when I came to New York in 2008. Nasheet owned this studio in Westbeth where we did sessions regularly. When I met him, he was part of Andrew Hill's trio. He's one of the most popular jazz drummers around. I love playing with him.


Brussels Jazz Festival 2024
Brussels Jazz Festival 2024

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