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Evgeny Kissin / Johann Sebastian Haenel

Evgeny Kissin

Piano legend Evgeny Kissin has been performing in the world's biggest halls for more than 30 years. His remarkable technique and unique musical interpretations make him one of the greatest contemporary pianists. Kissin returns to Flagey to share his passion and virtuosity in a programme featuring the leading composers of their time: Bach, Mozart, Chopin and Rachmaninov.

Evgeni Kissin chose to include Chopin’s Polonaise in his programme for a particular motive: “For me this Polonaise is clearly about the tragedy of the Polish people who were victims of the Russian imperialism in Chopin’s time. I think the parallels with the current situation are very obvious".

Flagey, World Master Pianists

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Evgeny Kissin | 20.06.23 at Studio 4, Flagey
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Evgeny Kissin | 16.06.22 at Studio 4, Flagey

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