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Makaya McCraven / Sulyiman

Makaya McCraven

album release : In These Times (International Anthem, 2022)

Drummer, composer and producer: Makaya McCraven is a multi-talented artist whose creative process and musical style defy any attempt of categorisation.

While releasing other works (Deciphering the Message, Moving Cities, Universal Beings,…), McCraven has been slowly developing a series of compositions in the background, inspired by both global cultural struggles and personal experiences. In These Times is the triumphant conclusion to this 7+ year project.

Music critic Passion of the Weiss has suggested that "McCraven's work, both with younger players and the sounds of older recordings, is part of a necessary conversation about the next evolution of the Black improvised music known colloquially as 'jazz'. He has found the threads connecting the past with the present, and is either wrapping them with new colours and textures or plucking them gleefully like the strings of a grand instrument."