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Claudia Cardinale la Più Bella Italiana di Tunisi

Short films Cardinale

L'Aveugle et la Cardinale (Frédérick Laurent)
Because he is seduced and he knows that their meeting is not only random, and he wants to convince her, Thomas tells Julie stories where he was either the actor or the witness. They all ask the question of the links in between us that connect people to each other. But are we all capable of grasping the meaning of this singular and poetic mystery ?

Un Café... l'addition (Félicie Dutertre & François Rabes)
Former star of a TV series, Julie now works in an oriental restaurant run by Mrs Gigi, who has a strong personality. She desperately waits for the next role that will take her out of anonymity again, when a client recognizes her...

Chaine d'or (René Vautier)
At the time of the independence, the owners of large boats decide to sell, while many small fishermen soon found themselves without work. Their wives decide to collect their gold rings to sell them and buy the boats. The film won the Silver Bear at the West Berlin Film Festival in 1958.

Claudia Cardinale la Più Bella Italiana di Tunisi (Mahmoud Ben Mahmoud)

Flagey, Brussels International Film Festival

Félicie Dutertre & François Rabes
François Rabes and Filicie Duterter are famous producer, known for the production of The city of lost children'. Since, they are inseparable. They writed and directed together 3 shorts films : Arthur, Un café... l'addition and Good luck Mr. Grosky.

René VautierRené Vautier was born in 1928 in France. In 1948, he graduated from the Institut des Hautes Études Cinématographiques (IDHEC), directing section. His first film, Africa 50, was screened clandestinely and will result in 13 charges and one prison sentence. It's the first French anti-colonialist film, a masterpiece of committed cinema. After several shootings in Africa, with among others his film Algérie en flammes, he returns to France and fights for a reform of the film censorship commission. In 1974, he received a special tribute from the Anti-Racist Film jury for his work as a whole. He died in 2015 in Cancale, France.