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Fire in Cardboard City / Phil Brough

The Animated Night

Throughout the year, when one of Anima's programme planners comes across a certain type of film, they might say to the others:

Now that's a film for the Animated Night!

Sometimes it's an obvious choice, sometimes long debates follow. It's unpredictable.

So, what film exactly? It's a mystery. There are particular requirements for the Night, but you have to be clever to know exactly what they are. Some would say a pervasive sort of charm, others a hard-hitting film, or one that makes you laugh or smile. It's also a question of taking the spectator out of their comfort zone… Impertinence and lightness can go hand in hand with the heavy duty stuff but just the right dosage has to found so that films from all genres can mix well together. One film doesn't just follow another willy-nilly. And above all, there has to be a balance, while offering the most relevant selection as possible from the past year…

Once again, you are welcome to come in your pyjamas and even bring along your teddy bear, if you like! And why no start thinking about some good ideas for our drawing competition, although all this is not compulsory, of course! Gifts offered by partner Cartoon Network.

Flagey, Folioscope