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Les Mains nues (Denis De Wind)


The Four Seasons of Cinergie

After the Liège workshop, Dérives, it is the turn of Gsara to spend an evening under the Cinergie spotlight.

The socialist-leaning workshop, Groupe Socialiste d’Action et de Réflexion sur l’Audio-Visuel was created in 1976 when video first appeared in Belgium. As a lifelong learning association, its primary ambition is to foster a critical outlook. Operating in the field of social action, developing community projects, GSARA also offers training in visual techniques. Recognised by the Wallonia-Brussels Federation in 1991, this production workshop aims to support the production and promotion of creative documentaries; the place of the filmmaker and their presence (physical, vocal) permeates and sustains most of the films produced throughout the history of the workshop.

Flagey, Cinergie

Le Refuge (Nadia Touijer)
2003 – 25’ – ARA OV – FRE OND
The daily life of beggars who hide away in the Jallez cemetery, on the outskirts of Tunis, and survive thanks to the dead.
Les Mains nues (Denis De Wind)
2011 – 9’ – FRE OV – ENG OND
Animated film about the sadness of people with disabilities who speak of their emotional emptiness.
Notre territoire (Mathieu Volpe)
2019 – 20’ – FRE/ITA OV – ENG OND
Film shot on Super 8 showing the gigantic slum built by seasonal African workers in Rignano, southern Italy.
La théorie du palétuvier (Alix Aminian)
2016 – 25’ – FRE OV
“The tree is still or it looks still because it lives in a time different from ours. Yet the man who takes time sees the trees walking”. Parable about the need to migrate.

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