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Claire Désert / Jean-Baptiste Millot

Claire Désert

Flagey ON AIR

French pianist Claire Désert is an avid performer of Robert Schumann's piano music, as is borne out by her various award-winning recordings dedicated to his music. In 2021 she plans to release a new Schumann album, which she will record this summer at Flagey and of which we will hear a preview this evening. She will be combining his passionate music with Beethoven's famous Tempest (Der Sturm) Sonata and the music of one of today's most celebrated composers, Jörg Widmann.

Every Sunday evening in July and August, Flagey, Musiq3 and Klara will bring us exclusive radio broadcasts from Studio 4 of concerts by famous Belgian and foreign artists. These live broadcasts – live on Musiq3 and replayed at a later date on Klara – may be attended by a limited audience.

During “Flagey ON AIR” you will be able to relive the Flagey studio radio shows of old. Not only will you enjoy the concerts live, but conversations with the artists and other guests will heighten your appreciation of the music. As the programs are produced by RTBF, they will take place mainly in French.

To welcome you with the utmost respect for the sanitary measures in force, Flagey has implemented several measures, find them here.

Flagey, Musiq3, Klara

Schubert par Claire Désert et Emmanuel Strosser I Le live de la matinale

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