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Brussels Short Film Festival / Juliette Bruynseels

Next Generation 4

Brussels Short Film Festival

Out of 843 films submissions, 41 films will compete for the prizes in the Next Generation Competition.

Flagey, Brussels Short Film Festival

Int. Anouchka-Nuit (Louise Hansenne)
Belgium - Documentary - 2019 - 20'05'' - Color
Anouchka is thirty and a scriptwriter. She earns her living in a bar. For this short film she wrote an autofictional scenario about her struggle with addictions. The setting: Anouchka reads her text in a nocturnal studio and discusses it with the director. Gradually, reading and speaking are beginning to mingle with her first-person narrative.

Graven (Tijs Torfs)
Belgium - Fiction - 2019 - 12' - Color
Every now and then a man feels the urge to drive to the sea and dig a hole in the sand. Armed with his red hat, his yellowed tank top and his shovel, he works avidly and with devotion. Passers-by ask themselves questions about the crater that keeps getting deeper. What drives this man and when will it end?

Le dragon à deux têtes (Páris Cannes)
Belgium - Fiction - 2019 - 21'20'' - Color
To escape the homophobic reality of their homeland, two Brazilian identical twins are now living in Europe. The first brother has a perfectly legal status in Brussels, the second is an illegal immigrant and lives like a ghost in the German capital.

Limbo Fungos (Alexis Menard)
Belgium - Animation - 2019 - 11' - Color
A spaceman tries to survive on a planet where everything seems hostile to him. A disaster that destroys his only refuge pushes him to anticipate his attempt to escape aboard a small ships he's been building for years, but not everything is going as planned.

Akram (Adrien Berlandi, Mickey Broothaerts)
Belgium - Fiction - 2019 - 14'58'' - Color
After a weekend away, Alexander comes home to pick up his « special » shirt for the concert he is scheduled to perform that same evening and is surprised to find his shirt missing. His search for the shirt leads him to Jalal and Akram, two refugees that his roommate housed during the weekend. Faced with the intimacy of the relationship between the two refugees and their hardships, Alexander comes to realize that his own search is trivial in comparison.