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Reich: the desert music

"A constant flickering of attention between what words mean and what they sound like." A constant rhythmical canvas by Steve Reich.

This concert will take place: without a live audience in the hall, but with a livestream. The stream will be available here on 26 March at 8pm. 

“All great music is contemporary. If it's still alive and kicking, then it's contemporary.” - Steve Reich

Steve Reich was at the origins of a new musical style in the 1960s: minimal music. Repetitive motifs, powerful rhythms, music that stood on its own – the listener having no other hold than time, space and the surroundings in which it is heard.

In 1983, Reich was ready to set aside his reservations about large formations: until that time, he thought that symphonic ensembles lacked the rhythmic versatility and precision necessary for his music. The Desert Music shows that it can, and shows us a milder Reich as he explores the new possibilities.

His ability to communicate social and philosophical questions in music also comes to the fore here: with the dark poetry of William Carlos Williams as the engine that unrolls a constant rhythmical canvas, Reich addresses the destructive whims of humanity.

Flagey, Brussels Philharmonic