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Alexandre Kantorow / Sasha Gusov

Alexandre Kantorow

If there is one pianist who is making his dreams come true, it is the young piano sensation Alexandre Kantorow. He was only 22 when, in 2019, he was the first Frenchman ever to win the First Prize of the renowned Tchaikovsky Competition. Meanwhile, he is preparing his sixth album, dedicated to one of his greatest passions: Johannes Brahms. Kantorow, hailed by Fanfare Magazine as the 'reincarnation of Liszt', will give a foretaste of his forthcoming album during his very first piano recital in Flagey. He brings us Brahms' poetic Ballades Nos. 1 and 2, which express the composer's budding affection for Clara Schumann, and the grand Piano Sonata No. 3, a masterpiece he wrote as a tribute to his illustrious predecessor Ludwig van Beethoven.

Flagey, Maene

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#TCH16 - Alexandre Kantorow (Final Round)
Flagey Piano Days 2021