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Craig Taborn | Alex Koo / Rue Sakamaya | Lorena del Mar

Taborn & Koo + Taborn/Reid/Smith

DOUBLE BILL : 1 ticket, 2 concerts

The young Belgian-Japanese pianist and composer Alex Koo continues his conquest of the European jazz scene. At the beginning of 2021, he could be heard as artist-in-residence in Flagey during the streaming edition of the Brussels Jazz Festival. Now he is presenting a project that was originally planned for that festival edition: commissioned by Flagey, he wrote new music for a performance with Craig Taborn. A dream come true, because 'of all the living pianists, he is my greatest idol'.
A delicious mix of improvisation, groove and music from Africa and the Caribbean - this is what the trio of Craig Taborn, Tomeka Reid and Ches Smith has in store for us. They move effortlessly through various styles and influences, which they masterfully incorporate into their music. An absolute must for those who love the music of Sun Ra, Mammane Sani, Don Cherry, Conlon Nancarrow, Art Ensemble of Chicago and Drexciya - the biggest sources of inspiration of this unique trio.


Flagey Autumn Jazz 2021