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Flagey closed its doors to the public from December 24th 2021 to January 28th 2022. Find out more
Brussels Short Film Festival

National Competition 2

To gather and discover films from North and South of the country. From nearly 300 films received, 46 films will compete in the National Competition.


Rimples | Anthony Van Roosendael
Belgium - Fiction - 2020 - 16' - Color
Two neighbors persist in their search for the perfect picture.

Coeur vaillant | Nastasja Caneve
Belgïe - Animation - 4'03'' - Color
With daddy, it was an abundance of love, admiration and warm embraces. With daddy, it was absence, glassy eyes and a knot in my stomach. With daddy, it was highs and lows. With daddy, that’s how it was

The nipple whisperer | Jan Van Dyck
Belgium - Fiction - 2021 - 15'15" - Color
Maurice Sanders has a gift. He's a nipple whisperer. Once he was known as 'Magic Sandy', but that was years ago, before his famous model and muse Doris fell ill. Now, after more than a decade, Doris wants to meet Maurice again.

Bluestar | François Vacarisas
Belgium - Fiction - 2021 - 23'42'' - Color
Tom has found a bottle of Bluestar, a product that exposes blood trails. With Kevin, he wants to visit the house in which a man killed his entire family. This escapade will take an unexpected turn for Tom: the Bluestar has something to reveal to him.

Sur le rivage | Camille Mol
Belgium - Fiction - 2020 - 20' - Color
It's summer, Léa is twenty years old and has just had an abortion. To find some respite, she goes to the country, to the family home, to her mother, her aunt and her cousins. There, under the August sun, she drags her questions, tossed between the status of child and that of woman.

Seule la mer | David S. Prudhomme
Belgium - Fiction - 2021 - 12'45'' - Color
Nico and Greg meet on a beach in the North Sea. They hadn't seen each other for years. The two brothers live a family tragedy which tears them away from their already tumultuous daily life. Nostalgia brings them together in this place full of memories.

Flagey, Brussels Short Film Festival