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Brussels Short Film Festival

National Competition 3

To gather and discover films from North and South of the country. From nearly 300 films received, 46 films will compete in the National Competition.


Binge Loving | Thomas Deknop
Belgium - Fiction - 22' - Color
A Brussels private detective is ordered by a client to follow her husband because she suspects he has a mistress in the capital. When she unexpectedly forces herself into the investigation, the detective is taken out of his comfort zone.

El patronato | Belinda Aguilera
Belgium - Fiction - 10'55'' - Color
In 1976, Madrid is in the grip of Franco's dictatorship. Sister Dolores and Sister Maria take in teenage rebels. Their mission is to "straighten them out", to put them on the right path. Thirty years later, Katia, one of the teenagers, tells us about their time with the two sisters.

Okht Elmarhoum | Maja Ajmia Yde Zellama
Belgium - Fiction - 2020 - 24'14'' - Color
Aya, 10 years old, has just suddenly lost the love of her life: her older brother. She tries to survive by clinging to what she can: her older brother's group of friends with whom she shares the pain of mourning and who remind her of the one she has lost. "Okht Elmarhoum" is a closed-door film that takes place in the bedroom of the deceased, the day after his death, where sadness, solidarity and tenderness are shared between 7 young men and a little girl.

T’es morte Hélène | Michiel Blanchart
Belgium - Fiction - 2020 - 24'12" - Color
Maxime lives with the ghost of his girlfriend Hélène. Wishing to put an end to this frankly unbearable situation, Maxime finally decides to break up with her. Hélène doesn't seem ready to accept this decision.

Titan | Valéry Carnoy
Belgium - Fiction - 19' - Color
Nathan, a thirteen-year-old boy, is about to join his new friend Malik's gang for a strange ritual.

Flagey, Brussels Short Film Festival