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Flagey closed its doors to the public from December 24th 2021 to January 28th 2022. Find out more
Brussels Short Film Festival / Marie Paluszkiewicz

Next 10

Each year, the Next Generation competition presents a selection of films made by students in Belgian and international film schools.

56 films were selected amongst more than 1700 films received (in 2020 + 2021).
In addition to the films selected in 2021, the 24th edition of the BSFF also welcomes the international films selected for the Next Generation Competition in 2020 which had to be postponed.


Loin du Sud | Janloup Bernard
France - Fiction - 2019 - 26'48'' - Color
Boris, 20 years old, lives on the road with his disturbed father. When he is offered a better job at the restaurant he works in, Boris sees a way out off this rambling life…

Ouic Ouic | Pol Bourdellon
Belgium - Animation - 2020 - 6'28" - BW
In a park, an old man sitting on a bench, holding his dog on a leash, falls in love with an old lady walking her dog.

Audrey and the Rocket | Molly Bradbrook
United Kingdom - Fiction - 2019 - 20' - Color
Audrey think's she's found an exciting alternative to a traditional funeral, but Bernard fears getting left behind.

Old Born | Jordan de Deken
Belgium - Fiction - 2020 - 21’ - Color
Dawa is born into a primitive society of creatures who, unlike her, don't have identities or emotions. After she grows up in apathy, she ventures out to explore the limits of her world where she comes across a mysterious barrier accompanied by a colourful stranger.

Die Waschmaschine | Dominik Hartl
Austria - Fiction - 2020 - 24' - Color
Simon chooses the easy way to get rid of his broken washing machine; he sells it on-line. As soon as the transaction is over he fears the revenge of Hassan, the duped buyer.

Flagey, Brussels Short Film Festival