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Flagey closed its doors to the public from December 24th 2021 to January 28th 2022. Find out more
Brussels Short Film Festival / Marie Paluszkiewicz

Next 8

Each year, the Next Generation competition presents a selection of films made by students in Belgian and international film schools.

56 films were selected amongst more than 1700 films received (in 2020 + 2021).
In addition to the films selected in 2021, the 24th edition of the BSFF also welcomes the international films selected for the Next Generation Competition in 2020 which had to be postponed.


Kollegen | Jannis Alexander Kiefer
Germany - Fiction - 2020 - 14' - Color
Two craftsmen, Uli and Didi, make a swastika in their workshop in a rural area, wondering about the strange visitors who have just arrived in their village.

Sofia | Gaspard Le Dourner, Isabella Valenzi Toni
Belgium - Fiction - 2020 - 12'30'' - Color
Sonny and Luka are hanging out together as usual. But that day they meet Sofia : an older girl who does not seem to be from their area. Together they will live an unexpected adventure for the time of an evening.

Escamas | Katherina Harder
Spain - Fiction - 2020 - 16' - Color
Alicia (39) is a seamstress, working on designs and clothes for women, but behind the fabrics she hides the secret of her own body; the discomfort and discomfort you feel after being mastectomised due to breast cancer. After his flat accidentally floods, he meets Lucía (41), a transsexual, who is his new neighbour. Despite the tense encounter they have at first, the women find each other and spend more time together. As the day and night progresses, the two begin to see each other recognized, helping each other. With the dawn, the two women will find sanction and freedom in the middle of the sea.

Hra | Lun Sevnik
Czech Republic - Fiction - 2020 - 22'06" - Color
Boris and Hugo, 16 years old friends, bought a gun. They close themselves in Hugo's parents apartment and announce on Internet livestream video that in one hour they will commit suicide.

Sorry, I don’t understand | Natalie Feoktistova
Belgium - Animation - 2020 - 5'55" - Color
A foreign student arrives in a new country without knowing the local language and tries to join the school. Through a series of funny situations, ignorance will make him make the wrong choices for the rest of his life.

Reviiri | Marika Harjusaari
Finland - Fiction - 2020 - 25'43" - Color
"You know you can tell me anything"

Die Waschmaschine | Dominik Hartl
Austria - Fiction - 2020 - 24' - Color
Simon chooses the easy way to get rid of his broken washing machine; he sells it on-line. As soon as the transaction is over he fears the revenge of Hassan, the duped buyer.

Flagey, Brussels Short Film Festival