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Manu Bonmariage / Jimmy Kets

Tribute to Manu Bonmariage


This screening is postponed. Customers who bought a ticket for this event will be contacted by e-mail.

We recently said goodbye to the Liège director Manu Bonmariage. He was known for his many documentaries on the RTBF that he recorded with the camera on his shoulder. His recordings took him to all corners of the world. He also has more than 80 films to his name, including the series "Strip Teases" that made him famous.

At Studio 5 - Agnès Varda, we have also welcomed this extraordinary director in recent years, such as in 2018 with the documentary Manu and in 2019 with a real Strip-Tease marathon in which his work was the focus.

During this tribute, we honour the great filmmaker with some special portraits: Un homme, une ville : Hugo Pratt à Venise, the Strip-Tease Tel qu'en lui-meme enfin on Michel Demaret and Cargo de nuit: Interview Manu Bonmariage.

Flagey, Sonuma

  • Cargo de nuit: interview Manu Bonmariage (09/03/1988)
  • Strip-Tease: Tel qu'en lui-même enfin (19/02/1997)
  • Un homme, une ville : Hugo Pratt à Venise (16/10/1980)