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Le Dernier métro (Truffaut)

Ciné Club Studio 5

New season of the Cine Club of Studio 5 with its founders Patrick Duynslaegher and Hugues Dayez. Rediscover movies, listen to enthusiastic explanations, and together raise a glass in the honour of the 7th art.

Patrick Duynslaegher and Hugues Dayez have jointly selected four films that observe individuals being oppressed by Kafkaesque institutions or by barbaric chaos. In Garde à vue, Michel Serrault brilliantly plays a man interrogated by a tenacious inspector about a double murder for which he is the main suspect. In Death by Hanging, Oshima follows the journey of a convict through the legal and irrational ritual of the death penalty. And in Shame and The Last Metro, Bergman and Truffaut show humans trying to adapt to wartime between dignity and infamy.

In collaboration with CINEMATEK