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Masters at work / Octavian Carare

Masters at Work

A new series offering an even richer experience of music

Masters at Work offers you more than the opportunity to hear great performers play the music of their choice. As an introduction to their concert, each performer will talk about their programme, the composer, his or her vision on creating and composing music or their sources of inspiration. These introductions will give you listening keys allowing you to enrich your viewing and listening pleasure.

lecture-performance (in English) by Boris Giltburg,
available online from van 30 April (11:00) until 16 May (23:45)

lecture-performance (in English) by Stéphane Galland
available online from 21 May (11:00) until 6 June (23:45)

lecture-performance (in French subtitled in Dutch) by Nelson Goerner
available online from 11 June (11:00) until 27 June (23:45)