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Bram De Looze / Alexander Popelier

Bram De Looze

album release: Colour Talk (2020, Sdban Ultra)

Bram De Looze and piano builder Chris Maene can easily be called a match made in heaven. Bram made recordings with various exceptional instruments from Chris Maene's collection. From early forte pianos, concert grand pianos from the golden age of piano building, to Chris Maene's modern straight-strung concert grand piano, Bram has mastered them all. He approaches the instruments not so much from their relationship to music history, but rather from their unique and characteristic sound.

During the Flagey Piano Days, a special Steinway concert grand piano from 1875 is brought to Flagey. The instrument is modern, but at the same time has its own timbre. Bram knows this instrument and its specific sound down to the smallest details. He brings material from his new album Colour Talk and draws inspiration for his improvisations on the oeuvre of Ludwig van Beethoven. This way the concert will not only be a jazzy tribute to Ludwig van Beethoven, but also an interesting melting pot of jazz, Beethoven and a unique historical instrument.

Flagey, Goethe-Institut Belgien

Contrary to what was previously announced, Bram De Looze will play at the Flagey Piano Days on a historic piano from 1875 and not on the Maene Viñoly piano.

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