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La Quinzaine des Réalisateurs
La Quinzaine des Réalisateurs

Short films of the Fortnight 2019 - Part 2

Second series of international short films of the Fortnight, featuring titles from South-Korea, Great Britain, Italy, Japan, Vietnam and Singapore.

Grand Bouquet
Nao Yoshigai - Japan - 2019 - color - 15’ - music

A woman confronts a powerful “black object” that asks her questions. She knows the answers but cannot say them out loud. At the foot of the wall, she begins to vomit beautiful colourful flowers.

Hãy tinh thúc Và san sàng
Pham Thien An - Vietnam - 2019 - color - 14’ - FR SBT

On a street corner a mysterious conversation is held between three young men at a stall. At the same time, there’s a motorcycle accident. The night sketches a multicoloured portrait of reality.

Quello che verrá è solo una promessa
Flatform - Italy - 2019 - Tuvaluans - color - 20’ - no dialogue

In a long, drawn-out shot of Funafuti, droughts and floods constantly follow on from one another. The state of flux caused by the two events is reflected in the places and the behaviour of the inhabitants, as if extreme events were part of everyday life on the island.

Deux sœurs qui ne sont pas sœurs
Beatrice Gibson - UK - 2019 - color - 22’ - FR SBT

Two not-quite-sisters, two pregnancies, a two-seater car, a beauty queen, a poodle and the election of a second fascist – in Brazil. An abstract, and crimeless, thriller, Deux sœurs qui ne sont pas sœurs unfolds like a dream. From an original screenplay by Gertrude Stein.

Dahee Jeong - South-Korea - 2019 - color- 10’ - no dialogue

“In the space of 10 minutes, the African baobab grows 0.008 mm, the greyhound, the fastest dog in the world, can run 12 km and the Earth travels 18,000 km around the sun. Movements is a 10-minute animated film that I drew at a rate of 2 seconds of animation per day. We are all walking, seeing, working, running, and stopping together”. (Dahee Jeong)

Piece of Meat
Huang Junxian, Jerrold Chong - 2019 - color - 12’ - no dialogue

Enslaved in a world of living objects, a lamb chop does everything to make ends meet.

Flagey, Cinematek

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