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Brussels Short Film Festival / Juliette Bruynseels

International Competition 17

Out of nearly 6800 short films submissions (received in 2020 and in 2021), 98 films from 36 countries will compete for the prizes in the International Competition.

In addition to the films selected in 2021, the 24th edition of the BSFF also welcomes the films selected for the International Competition in 2020 which had to be postponed.

Winners of the Grand Prix in the International Competition and National Competitions are considered for pre-selection for the Oscars® in the Best Fiction/Animation Short Film category provided that the film complies with the Academy’s rules. 


The Van | Erenik Beqiriloruleur
France - Fiction - 2019 - 15' - Color
Le Van s’arrête, les portes s’ouvrent, et le Fils en sort vivant. Encore quelques combats, et il pourra payer son passage hors de l’Albanie. Il espère toujours que son Père partira avec lui.

The Set-Up | Malika Pellicioli
Switzerland - 2020 - 14'03" - Color
Jacob returns home with one intention: to kill himself. Detached from the outside world behind thick curtains, Jacob has lost all will to live. With a mouthful of barbiturates and a cooking bag over his head, he thinks he has done everything he needs to leave this world peacefully. After swallowing all the tablets, an alert from his computer pulls him, one last time, back to reality…

Olla | Ariane Labed
France - Fiction - 2019 - 27'02'' - Color
Olla has answered to an ad on a dating website for eastern women. She moves in with Pierre, who lives with his old mother. But nothing goes as expected.

Criminal | Carlos Felipe Galvis
Argentina - Fiction - 2019 - 16' - Color
Ana has begun her liberation day, she feels encouraged to change everything she believes is misleading and unfair, to save those who suffer and to put an end to lies. But not everyone deserves to be saved and not all the truths want to be heard.

A Nipple | Kim Yong-Seung
South Korea - Fiction - 2019 - 20'54'' - Color
Yusun goes mad about her husband’s nipple.

Flagey, Brussels Short Film Festival